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Acer, one of the world's leading computer brands, has inked a partnership agreement with Apacer through its sole Philippine distributor Neptune Computer Technologies to bring more value to its customer. Details >>>

       Axion is a leading manufacturer
       and distributor of innovative
       consumer electronic products,
       such as compact LCD tele-
       visions, TV/DVD combos,
       portable DVD players, and 
       handheld TVs. The company is
       dedicated to continually
       providing its customers with
       high-quality audiovisual
       electronics solutions for
       personal entertainment,
       education, and business


   When you choose AOpen
   products, not only do you
   get components that work
   effectively together, you
   get components that can
   perform just as well in any
   PC system. With 20 years of
   PC manufacturing experience,
   AOpen is the best choice for
   PC components and
   peripherals such as optical
   drives, video and sound
   cards, and many more.


    Whether it is to share essential
    data, transfer data between
    devices or expand existing
    storage space, Apacer has the
    right solution. Apacer's products
    have earned the reputation of
    being reliable, easy to use and
    of good-value. The continuing
    business of partners that include
    IBM and Sony testifies to the
    quality and level of market
    acceptance of Apacer's digital
    memory solutions that include
    flash drives, flash cards, and
    other multimedia storage
    devices among others.

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