Since its inception in 1983, Axion has exhibited its commitment to innovation by providing breakthrough consumer electronics products to the North American market. Early in its history, Axion provided clock radios, portable stereos, and portable CRT TVs under its own name and private labeled by many of the world's leading brands. In the 1990s, Axion and its parent company, Axion Group, invested heavily in research and development for LCD technology. This investment has led Axion to its current position as a leading provider of compact TFT LCD televisions.
(Excerpts from www.axiontv.com)

AOpen is the company of choice for PC components and peripherals. As the established leader from motherboards to monitors, and to multimedia add-on cards among others, AOpen products are the latest in technology development at competitve prices.
(Excerpts from www.aopen.com)

is ranked the fourth-largest third-party manufacturer in the highly competitive global memory module market. With its commitment to quality,
Apacer has since evolved into a global digital storage provider offering a complete range of digital imaging storage device. It now has a full range of memory modules for notebooks, desktops, servers and a range of proprietary applications; portable flash memory solutions; ATA disk chips and modules (ADC/ADM); and brand-new, stand-alone Disc Steno system.
(Excerpts from www.apacer.com )

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